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Rest and Restore Next Date TBC


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Rest and Restore In our busy environments, we can absorb so much information where it can be difficult to unwind and release stressors. We often overlook the importance of rest, until our bodies force us to rest through sickness, aches and dis-ease. Many of us may find it challenging to slow down, unwind, and find ease in our busy worlds. With our Rest and Restore afternoon, my intention is to: ⦁ Create a space to deeply honour the importance of rest and releasing what is ready to be released in a non-judgmental, empathic and compassionate way. ⦁ Offer a space for you to soothe your nervous system, to relax deeply, and encourage stillness on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-compassion. ⦁ Invite each individual a safe container to be seen and heard (if they wish to) as they re-connect within while also sparking connection with others in circle.

This circle event will have an underlying theme of self-compassion through out it.  The definition of compassion is  “a sensitivity to suffering of self and others, with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent it.” (Gilbert, 2017). This circle intends to facilitate a space to connect to your own self-compassion in each of the practices with some education and reflection on what self-compassion is, what it is not, our beliefs and blocks to have compassion towards ourselves.

What to expect:
⦁ Grounding practices
⦁ Restorative yoga movement (suitable for beginners/no yoga experience required).
⦁ Yoga nidra (suitable for beginners/no yoga experience required)
⦁ Sharing circle
⦁ Journalling
⦁ An intimate gathering of slowing down, resting, allowing, and releasing.
⦁ Disconnecting from your outer world and reconnecting with your inner world.
⦁ Re-awakening our relationship to have compassion towards ourselves.
⦁ Gentle restorative yoga movement being supported by bolsters, blankets, pillows and blocks.
⦁ Yoga nidra to promote deep rest and soothe your nervous system.
⦁ Sharing circle (if you feel called to share) to be listened to and held.
⦁ Opportunities to ground, meditate, journal and just to be.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice is required in order to obtain a full refund.


4:00 pm – 7:00 pm




Bewell, Longford
Bewell Longford, Unit 1C, Farranyoogan, Mastertech, Longford (from “Bewell Longford”), Co. Longford N39 W5D7 Ireland+ Google Map

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