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Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, stressed, anxious with the thoughts of things re-opening?

Do you feel pressured to jump straight back into face-to-face socialising, events, work as restrictions lift?

Do you need some support with your emotions, thoughts and feelings to readjust to this?

If so, this workshop may be for you!

🔸As we lean into this new phase of restrictions easing, we may feel a mix of worries and pressures – Will I be able to cope? How do I communicate to others that I am worried about meeting up? Do I have to say yes to everything?

🔸Many of us might be longing for opportunities to see friends/family, resume activities, return to work etc. Perhaps there are certain things you want to re-open/return, and other things you hope do not. This is another change for us and it is normal to feel this way. Even the much-anticipated changes and re-adjustments can be challenging.

🔸I have put together this one-day workshop which aims to cultivate a warm and encouraging space for you to explore such challenges and learn ways to support yourself through this.


This nourishing 1 day online (Zoom) workshop course aims to:

  • Develop your understanding and awareness of your anxiety responses.
  • Explore ways to lean into future stressful/anxiety provoking situations.
  • Experiment with a range of grounding/coping techniques.
  • Explore how you can enhance your own self care and resilience.


I feel uncomfortable speaking up in groups, would I have to share much in the workshop?

As a person who shys away from speaking up a group, I get this.
There’s zero pressure to ever speak up and throughout the day, I will really emphasis to only share (if anything) what feels right/comfortable for you.

The only times I’ll ask anyone to speak up in the larger group is to say your name when introducing yourself and perhaps an ending word/sentence when we wrap up. There will be a mix of activities in larger group, small break out rooms, opportunities to type in the chat box so there may be alternative more comfortable ways for you to “speak up”.

I don’t feel that anxious about lockdown lifting but feel anxious about other things, can I still attend?

Yes! All the info and techniques is applicable to any anxiety, worry, stress, panic etc.
Some examples used might be geared towards future change with restrictions easing but throughout the workshop, I’ll be encouraging participants to use examples that are relevant* to them, whether it’s to do with restrictions lifting or some other part of their life.

** Also, there will be a strong emphasis on not using the most difficult examples for you but to mind yourself throughout the day. It’s not about diving straight into our biggest worries but rather gently dipping into things to help build up our ability to face these.

I want to attend but with uncertainty about when everything will re-open, I don’t know will I be able to attend the 29th May if I’m back at work. Will it be recorded?

The workshop won’t be recorded but I will be sending on different resources for participants after it. The workshop will be ran again on a future date so send me an email (with perhaps your likely availability) or register your interest through my website and I can keep you updated about future dates.

Is there a date I need to register by?

There is currently no cut off date for the May workshop but spaces will be given on a first come first serve basis. Workshops will be ran with a maximum of 10 participants so if you are interested, I’d recommend signing up to avoid disappointment. Future workshops will run where I will confirm dates at a later stage.

What do you mean by “grounding” techniques?

Grounding can refer to bringing ourselves back to the present moment. So often, anxiety is in relation to something that might (or might not) happen in the future. There are many ways to bring ourselves into the present and I’ll be exploring a range of ways to do this that draws in on YOUR strengths.

I find that so often we rely on “self care techniques” that aren’t always readily available to us during stressful moments e.g. hobbies, a quiet environment, music. A lot of grounding techniques can be done in any given moment. Some examples might be using our senses, our breath, our physical bodies etc.


Please note the following: 

  • This workshop is intended for “general psycho-educational” purposes and should not be looked upon as a substitute for psychotherapy/counselling.
  • This workshop is not group therapy.
  • This workshop will require you to use your camera to participate. There will be opportunities to switch off your camera during breaks, certain exercises etc.
  • This 1-day workshop is limited to 10 participants where applications will be taken at a first come first serve basis. Future workshop dates to be confirmed.
  • Due to insurance limitations, this workshop is only open to those aged over 18.
  • Due to insurance limitations, this workshop is not currently available to those based in USA/Canada.
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