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Book recommendation: Cycles of Belonging Stella Tomlinson

πŸŒ€If looking for a book to help understand about cyclical living, this might be a good starting point. I have found it hard to find a general cyclical living book as many books focus on a particular cycle but this one gives an overall insight to the many different cycles e.g. the breath, circadian, menstrual, lunar, solar, seasons, archetypes.

πŸ“– This book offers guidance (such as journal prompts) to work with our natural eb and flows and gives insight into how to step into perhaps more difficult phases that we may generally dread and try to avoid e.g. darkness, winter.

πŸ’› Cyclic living is embodied mindfulness. What I love about cyclical living is that it gives me permission to step away from the belief and messages that I should feel, act and think consistently every day. It offers me the opportunity to live more wholeheartedly when I acknowledge and work with my cycles, instead of denying them.

Words in image:

β€œTo truly come back to belonging is going to be a long journey. It’s not linear.
It spirals and cycles back and around and will often bring confusion and frustration as well as peace and freedom.”

Stella Tomlinson

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