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Loss during Covid-19

With Covid-19, the entire world is mourning. There is much loss not only related to deaths, but there is also an accumulation of disenfranchised losses. A disenfranchised loss is one that is not openly acknowledged by society. It is where we have experienced a loss but feels like we have “no right” to grieve that loss.

It can be easy to minimise our own experience when we feel that someone else is going through something more difficult than us (e.g. “It could be worse”). We can acknowledge someone’s experience is difficult while not taking away from your own experience. Your feelings are valid. Pain is not a competition. If someone else is grieving the loss of a loved one, it is still ok for you to grieve the loss of normality, your holidays, your wedding day, seeing your pets…. whatever it may be.

There are no rules for grieving. It is ok to grieve in a way that works for you. It’s ok to acknowledge this is tough. It’s ok to look after you. It’s ok.

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