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Life post lockdown

Lockdown and restrictions may have made you feel anxious. How does the return to some sort of “normality” make you feel? Although it may be moving towards what you are used to, it does not necessarily make it easier. Despite the longing for normality, this is another change and another re-adjustment.

For the past couple of months, we have been repeatedly told about the risk of socialising and coming into contact with people. The phrase “Stay at home, save lives”, has been drilled into us. We have been praised for keeping our distance, isolating ourselves, avoiding big crowds, do online shopping. For the first time, it has been socially acceptable to act in this way. Our behaviour is then rewarded by the opening up of phases, less confirmed cases, and less deaths of Covid -19.

For the past while, these rules and guidelines may have offered a sense of control and structure. As restrictions ease though, we might feel less in control of how many people we come into contact with. We might feel the pressure to go back to work, to meet up with friends and family.

You previously may not have worried about germs, infections, crowds. However, it’s hard not to feel worried and cautious about how close you get to people, what you touch, travelling by public transport.

Many will rejoice about returning to our normal activities. For others, it will create additional worry, anxiety, and uneasiness. If you are feeling like this, it is ok. You are not alone in this.

Next post will be about what things can help you with this transition, stay tuned!

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