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Grounding technique; feet on the floor.

A grounding tool that can be done anywhere is using our feet to connect to the present moment. It can be done sitting, standing, lying down where no one will notice what you are doing.

Text in images:

While sitting, standing, walking, running, or lying down; bring a gentle curiosity to…

o Noticing any sensations, tingling, tightness in your toes/feet.

o Noticing the temperature (e.g. warmth, hotness, coolness) in your feet.

o Notice the clothing/footwear (if any) around your feet.

o Notice the surface beneath your feet.

o Notice any urges to move your feet/toes.


o If you are finding it difficult to connect to your feet, perhaps try moving/wiggling your toes. This can be particularly useful if you are feeling stuck/frozen/overwhelmed in any moment.

o Little or no sensation is a sensation in itself, to be present does not require strong sensations.

o If beginning sitting, perhaps then transition to a standing position after a few minutes. Notice if the sensations/temperature of your feet feel different in an alternative position.

o If walking, perhaps experiment with pressing your feet more into the ground.

o Try on different surfaces (e.g. on carpet, tiles, grass, sand, a blanket).

o An alternative method is directing your awareness to your hands instead of your feet.

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