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I often find that the hardest thing to do when getting caught up in my thoughts is not grounding itself but rather, REMEMBERING to ground.

🔹️I find visual reminders can be a good way to remind myself to come back to this moment hence why I got this bracelet recently.

It translates as “Inhale Exhale” in Spanish (I’ve lived in Spain so Spanish culture holds a special place in my heart). Even the design of the infinity symbol reminds me to repeat this process over and over again.

🔸️Such a grounding reminder does not have to be a piece of jewellery; it can be any image, sticker, drawing, bracelet that reminds you to be present, that you are here and now, that you are safe.

🔹️I’ve listed some other visual reminders ideas and tips in the post, enjoy.

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Visual reminder ideas:

o Place stickers around your house/work (e.g., on your phone, laptop, mirror, wall) that symbolise and act as visual reminders to breathe.

o Wear a piece of jewellery that reminds you to ground or you can associate an affirmation/mantra with it e.g. “I am ok in this moment”.

o Use a calming image/affirmation as your screensaver on your phone/laptop to remind you to ground.

o Draw a symbol/shape (e.g. a star, triangle, waves) on your hand that reminds you to breathe, be present etc.

o Have a mantra (e.g., I am safe) written on your phone/wall/sticky note.


o Find what works for you.

o You do not have to tell anyone what the stickers/symbols represent.

o If the piece of jewellery is on your arm/hand, you may see it more often compared to earrings (for example). However, some people may prefer touching earrings/necklace over a bracelet so do what works best for you.

o If using jewellery, try using an item that you do not normally wear. A less familiar item may encourage you more to remember the symbol/meaning/mantra behind it compared to something you are already use to seeing everyday.

o The jewellery item does not have to be expensive . The main aim of it is to help you ground.

o If using a mantra, use a mantra that feels right for you e.g. I am safe, I am here and now, I am ok, I am enough etc.

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