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It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.

Knowing we need to let go is sometimes not enough.

Sometimes, we are not fully ready to let go for many reasons (e.g., comfort in the familiar, fear of the unfamiliar).

Sometimes, we do not know how to let go.

We often need to acknowledge the struggle, feel all the feelings around the resistance of letting go (e.g., sadness, hurt, anger, worry) and understand what keeps us holding onto things that no longer serve us (e.g., wishful thinking, fear of what life might look like if we completely let go) as we begin the process of letting go.

Notice the word “process” because that is what letting go is. A process. It is often not one simple action. We typically cannot be really attached to something one day, and have it truly and completely let go of the next (if only it was that easy!).

Letting go is often the process of gently loosening the grip on something we may be attached to bit by bit over time. Some thoughts, relationships, beliefs, emotions, behaviours, will be easier to let go of than others.

Perhaps try practicing the art of letting go of unhelpful things you are not as attached to before trying those unhelpful things that you are more attached to. For example, it might be easier to let go of certain expectations, material things rather than certain beliefs, relationships.

Letting go is a process.

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