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How is your nervous system doing?

Our nervous systems (especially in Ireland) have been through quite the rollercoaster in the past couple of months.

We have experienced restrictions tightening, Christmas, possibly isolating/quarantining, the collective trauma of a murder, and all restrictions lifting in the short space of just a couple of months. Never mind perhaps some personal difficulties and the collective trauma events of the past few years also in the mix.

With such an overload of information, we may feel confused about what is safe and what is not safe anymore. Things that previously felt secure and effortless, we may feel differently about now.

We may criticise ourselves if we are feeling mixed emotions, anxious or over thinking with restrictions lifting, socialising, going outside, going for a run.

In such times of struggle, acknowledge with yourself that this is difficult. Many people are feeling something similar.

Remember to find moments of ease in the unease. 

Remember to nourish yourself.

Remember to pace yourself. 

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