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You cannot out think your feelings. You feel your feelings, not think them.

Often, we believe that if we THINK "I'm confident", "I'm good enough", "I got this" - then we will FEEL this way. However, thinking and feeling are two different entities, almost like two different languages. To understand your feelings, you need to feel these (hence why they are called "feelings"). 🔸️We can do this by opening up to them,…

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Sometimes, it does not matter why you feel the way you feel. What matters is how you respond to it.

As humans, we love logic. We love to know why certain things happen. With our emotions, we may feel that when we understand the root of difficult emotions, we can stop that feeling, “fix” it, or know how to prevent it from arising again in future. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the…

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The thought and fear of suffering is often worse than the suffering itself.

Can you relate? We do not like to suffer. Our brains are pre-programmed to keep us alive, to avoid danger, to survive. Our natural human instinct is to seek out nothing but happiness, while trying not to feel anything unpleasant. Underneath the desire to cling onto pleasant feelings, there may be an underlying fear of…

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