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A Quarter Life Crisis may sound like…

Some of us may experience a “quarter life crisis” in our 20s/30s in times of instability or change/transition. Sounds like 2020 in a nutshell, right?

Perhaps 2020 was the year that you would change jobs, emigrate, move out of home, start a new relationship while it feels like the complete opposite is happening.

It might feel like everyone else has their s**t together. You might be reminded that your parents were married and had children at your current age. You might have set your own goals from a young age that you would have ticked all the boxes by the time you are 30. Even if you knew how you wanted to move or change, it is much more challenging to do so now with Covid-19.

You might feel lost, confused, fed up, uncomfortable, “living in limbo”. It might be hard to understand why you are feeling like this. It might be hard for others to understand you. If you are or have experienced this, you are not alone. It is normal to feel like this, however your story and experience will be unique to you.

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