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Emotions need motion.

When you allow yourself to experience your emotions; they will move through you, and not rule you.

We may have learned to repress and disconnect from our emotions from a young age (e.g. “Big boys don’t cry”) and then, may find it difficult to express them as adults.

When we do not release emotions, they become stuck in our bodies.  We too may also get stuck psychologically….stuck in old habits, old triggers, old narratives, old beliefs, old wounds that have yet to be released. 

The antidote of repression is expression. 

For some of us, it may take a while to recognise our emotions (self awareness) before we can allow and express emotions in a comfortable and healthy way for us. 

When we do become aware of our emotions, such motions can be:

  • Physical movement (exercise, dance, stretching, stamping your feet, shaking)
  • Crying
  • Speaking your truth (to yourself or to another trusted person).
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Art (draw, paint, scribble, doodle)
  • Ripping up/squashing paper
  • Twisting/pulling/throwing a towel
  • Hitting/kicking/throwing/squeezing a ball
  • Being with and observing/connecting to our physical sensations
  • Singing/shouting

What you resist, persists. Therefore, we need to feel to heal.

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