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After a therapy session

Therapy is hard work. We might hear from some people how “great” and “lighter” they feel after a therapy session.

It is important to note that therapy does not always immediately make you feel better. Sometimes, we may feel “worse” after a session. We might feel tired, vulnerable, teary to name but a few. Why?

Outside of therapy, we may often avoid/suppress/push away/distract ourselves from discussing our difficulties whereas in therapy, we begin to turn towards exploring our difficulties. This takes a lot of energy and concentration, along with much courage.

Some sessions may be easier than others. It can depend on many factors including the topic and what else is going on for you that day/week etc.

We may feel a mix of the above emotions not just immediately after the session, but also the coming days after it too. If concerned on how you feel, it can be useful to speak to your therapist about it to check in around the pace of sessions.

Regardless of what you feel, it is hugely important to look after yourself after each session. Prioritise your self-care, limit your schedule on days of sessions, give yourself space, comfort, and compassion.

It is normal to feel many emotions before, during and after therapy. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to feel after a therapy session. 

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