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The only constant is change.

Change is a part of life. Things are always moving, even if we don’t see or feel it.

We may expect ourselves to be the same every single day. However, each day we are different.

Much like the seasons, we experience constant change. Spring always follows winter, like day follows night. What we felt this morning, may feel different to how we will feel tonight. What we needed last week might differ from what we need this week.

We may resist change (I know I have). We may hope at certain times that things will remain the same. Other times, change may be the only thing we long for.

Our emotions and experiences fleet and move. When we are often experiencing suffering, it can feel like it is constant and never changing.

Perhaps in these times, we need to find our anchor in the flow of life, through the changes.

When we resist or do not allow things to flow or change, things may become stagnant. Perhaps we may feel stuck or helpless.

We may believe that anything that does not look like linear progress can feel like a failure. However, life is not a straight line; it consists more of spirals and cycles.

Like the seasons, go with the flow of life. Work with change, and not against it. 

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