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Things you did not get to choose

Some things in life are pre-determined for us:

· Our brains: Our brains are amazing and serves us in many ways. Our brains are also complex and “tricky”. We did not get a say about the design, desires, motives of our brain or its capacity for certain emotions.

· Genes: Like our brains, our genes too have evolved over millions of years. We are part of a genetic lottery. If you have siblings, even their genes differ from yours. Your body is designed for you, not by you.

· Early environment: When we are born, we do not select what family we are born into, what type of living environment we will grow up in, what time era we will live in…..we didn’t even choose to be born in the first place!

📖 Remember, many of your early chapters of life are pre-written. Give space to acknowledge and cultivate acceptance and compassion that you did not have a choice in the above. It is not your fault.

📃 Despite this, it is also important to recognise that there are many other chapters of your life that you can write. Take it page by page to become the author of your story.

✏️What kind of story do you want to write?

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