Autumn Energy
  • As the seasons and energy begin to change, we may feel like nature, with changes within our own internal energy and inner seasons.
  • We experience our own internal cycles in many areas of our lives (e.g. relationships, work, menstrual cycles, circadian rhythm etc.).
  • You may experience similar changes in your inner world as what is happening around you in your outer world throughout Autumn.
  • We may sometimes resist the turn inwards but the high of summer cannot last forever.
  • Just like nature, we too may experience necessary clear outs.
  • Just like the trees, we too may shed our leaves of things that no longer serve us. There are some things that we cannot hold onto forever, just like the trees and their leaves.
  • Like the trees, we too need to make space for something new to grow.
  • Just as the leaves change colour, we too may experience a period of transformation.

    Some things we may feel in ourselves:
    • It can be a time of transitioning inward. We may feel this as the outer daylight begins to lessen, our own inner lights begin to turn on as we are drawn and called inwards.
    • A time to slow down.
    • A time to say no to things.
    • A time to release.
    • A shift inwards and less outwards.
    • A desire to clear out and get rid of what no longer serves you. This may also bring up some irritability.
    • An urge to speak your truth more and setting boundaries.
    • A time of completion, editing, and letting go.

      Things that may support us:
    • Make space and slow down.
    • Listening within.
    • Review, discern and complete.
    • Take stock.
    • Go with the flow of your cycle and energy. Acknowledge the summer energy does not last forever….but it will return.
    • Be compassionate for the changes in energy, it is a normal phase of life.
    • Allow to release what needs to be released.
    • Don’t force the release. Let go bit by bit of what needs to be released.

      Reflective questions that may help:
    • What is working for me and what is not?
    • How can I lean into my truth and inner knowing?
    • What is the internal wisdom that wants to be known?
    • What can I harvest and what can I let go of?

    • This type of autumn energy is not how we “should” be or that we aim to feel like this consistently over 3 months. Instead, it offers a guide to be curious about your energy and natural cycles, and does this type of energy resonate with you. Our emotions and energy, like the weather or the seasons, are rarely stagnant and always changing.
    • This is a guide and might help someone to verbalise, express and understand the changes we can feel in our energy. We are often expected to be constantly blooming. However, nothing can always bloom. The process of shedding and letting go is equally an important phase in life.
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