The Healing Forest

I had a beautiful one to one forest bathing session with Nicoline from “The Healing Forest”  last week (that view😍). It is a mix of slowing down, getting grounded, chats, laughs, reiki, mindfulness and self discovery. This was my 3rd visit here (previous times were within a small group) where every time, I find that there is something new to discover within myself. Some things become apparent in the moment, and others sip in the following days after it.

🌲 People often ask me how to stop an over active mind and racing thoughts. For myself when I experience those feelings, I often find that being immersed in nature is one of the only things that settles that fuzziness and over stimulation, and helps regain some clarity. Challenging such thoughts nearly adds more noise to the current noise.

🔥The clarity doesn’t always happen straight away. As much as we may want the instant gratification of ease and calmness as soon as we are in a soothing environment, it may take a while over a number of hours or more to sink in.

🏞 Being amongst nature; whether that is a forest, water, a beach, being with animals, helps me to reconnect with my values; which in a busy life, can sometimes get lost along the way.

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