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Seasons and Cycles

  • Life is not a straight line, However, we are often taught that life is linear.
  • Life is more like nature, full of spirals and cycles.
  • When we don’t see ourselves as cyclical beings and when something occurs in a non-linear form, we often see this as a failure, that there is something wrong with us, we shouldn’t feel this way.

We go through many seasons and cycles in our lives. Some examples include:

  • Home life
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Work/career/professional
  • Physical Health
  • Psychological/Emotional wellbeing
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity and fun
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Moon cycle
  • General energy
  • Seasons of the year
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Rites of passage

We can be in multiple seasons at the same time. For example, in our work, we might feel creative and open to trying something new (Spring), while in our home lives, we are feeling it is time to take stock and let go (Autumn) of things or ways that no longer serve us. Similarly, we could feel very sociable and outward in our friendship circles (Summer) while also mourning the end of a romantic relationship (Winter).

  • This also means that if we are experiencing a winter energy in a relationship (for example), it does not mean we are limited or allowed to only experience that energy until the season passes (i.e. grief, surrender, the death of something). We can also experience other energies of other seasons (i.e. moments or days of joy, new beginnings, creativity, letting go, irritability).
  • Just like the season of summer may often be associated with warm or hot weather, we will still have moments of cooler times, rain, wind, thunder etc.


  • These are not hard and set rules in how we “should” feel but rather a guide to acknowledge that we may experience different internal and external seasons throughout our lifespan.
  • A reminder that like nature, we are never stagnant and things always change.
  • A reminder that any season or a phase of our life does not stay forever, it transforms and changes over time.
  • A reminder to acknowledge our cycles instead of fighting against the season we are in. Working with it and not against it.
  • A reminder that there are many variables in our lives than just the time of year for example. There are several ongoing cycles that occur at the same time.
  • Understanding cycles can help verbalise what you might be experiencing if it can be difficult to express. The use of metaphors and images relating to nature can also help.
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