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About my therapeutic approach

It has been about 2 years since I created my website so perhaps a good time to re-introduce myself (and what a 2 years it has been!).

I sometimes find it hard to summarise what it is I actually do in my work. Sometimes I feel it is obvious what a therapist does but then when I look back to before my psychotherapy studies, I really had no idea.

Like every human, each therapist is unique. I’ve included some information on how I currently show up in my work and what changes that might mean for someone who sits with me.

If you curious about sessions with me, I have more information on my website about myself and contact information if you would like to work with me at some stage.

Text in images:

My work is for you if you are….

• Interested in developing the relationship you have with yourself.

• Searching for a safe container to emerge as you, especially those parts of you that have never been seen, heard, expressed or validated before.

• Longing for a different way to live life and to be supported, held and guided on that journey.

• Wanting to understand yourself (your emotions, behaviours, experiences) better.

I will help you by….

• Offering a balance of a) a container for you to be held and seen while also b) offering ways to process and move through new ways of being.

• Offering a safe and honest space for you to speak your truth and to be you – all your emotions, experiences, difficulties, shadows and humanness.

• Guide you to understand your patterns, beliefs, experiences, and making connections from your past and how you might be still living out those experiences in your present.

My therapeutic approach is…

Humanistic – I see people as human first before they are any label, diagnosis, identity. I see people as a whole unique individual as opposed to just a label or a diagnosis.

Integrative – Not “one size fits all”. With this in mind, I use several different therapeutic modalities collaboratively with each person to explore what best suits your needs. Some of these approaches include Person Centred, Holistic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), and Mindfulness.

My therapeutic approach is…

Tailored to your needs – Each day, our needs can be different depending on a series of factors, therefore each time we meet – we focus on what YOU feel you need THAT DAY.

• I hold a space for people to speak their truth so that they can step into their authentic selves.

• I support your development of self-acceptance by offering a secure space to work toward personal growth.

• I offer people a space to express what is often unexpressed.

My therapeutic approach is…

Human – I show parts of my own humanness if it may be therapeutic and helpful to you.

Openness –I have a curious and open nature on why people are the way they are.

Collaborative – We use your interests and strengths to help guide the sessions. For example, if you are interested in art, sport, writing etc. – how can we use these interests and strengths to best serve you as opposed to using other learning styles/interests that do not best serve you.

Honesty – I offer people honesty and realness in a sensitive manner.

Some of my current interests are…

  • Cyclical wisdom/living – understanding how our cycles (e.g. circadian/daily/weekly/monthly cycles, seasonal, menstrual) impact our mood, emotions and energies, and working with our natural cycles instead of against them.
  • Mindfulness – how developing awareness, befriending our experiences and emotions, being present to what is without judgment, can enrich our lives; even through our suffering and difficulties.
  • Spiritual/personal development – the inner awakening of becoming conscious and reclaiming who you really are.
  • Psychosomatic – how our body stores emotional experiences and speaks our pain when we verbally may not be able to.

The impact of sessions may include…

Developing your own internal therapist within you to help you navigate through your difficulties in a more helpful way.

• To feel more comfortable and accepting of yourself – to your experiences, behaviours, thoughts, and emotions.

• Step into and emerge as your true, authentic self.

  • Develop a better relationship with yourself which often ripples out to improve your other relationships.

Things to note…

  • After a series of therapy sessions, it does not mean we will never face difficulties or feel challenged by our emotions and thoughts again. Instead, after our sessions, it will allow you to face these difficulties with more self awareness, self compassion and more helpful ways to navigate such challenges.
  • Everyone’s journey and pace will look different. The above outcomes will look different to everyone and at time different times due to the uniqueness of each person.

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