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Factors that can create stress

Can you relate to this at present? 🙋‍♀️

🔹Uncertainty – Uncertainty does not always mean an unpleasant outcome, but we often associate it with this. It is an inevitable part of life. Nearly a year into the pandemic however, a unique level of uncertainty continues to emerge in all our lives.

🔹Lack of or too much information – There is currently an abundance of information and yet, there is possibly a lack of the information that we really crave for (e.g. when will restrictions be lifted, when can I go on holidays again, when will this be over?)

🔹Lack of control – Feeling helpless in what feels like an uncontrollable situation can create stress. What we may have been able to previously control, we may now have to continuously re-adjust.

🔹Emotional isolation – Humans are hardwired for connection. Now at a time where we really need support, emotional isolation is encouraged. A previous support may have been our relationships which now, are not easily accessible or perhaps not accessible in the way we find most nurturing (e.g. face to face contact, hugs).

Other factors that create a stress response in us include (but it is not limited to) change, a perceived feeling/belief of not being able to cope, conflict, trauma, past experiences etc. What might be stressful to one person, may not create a stress response in another.

✨If feeling stressed, anxious, worried, lonely, helpless with the current situation, you are most definitely not alone in feeling this way.

It can be easy to forget your resilience and the previous difficulties you have coped with and overcome.

💡Remember, you have always found a way through, even with the most difficult times.

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