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Grounding technique: 3 step breathing space

          Any brief pause or check in through our day, no matter how long or short, can help us to ground and re-balance. The three-step breathing space is a quick meditation. Within a few minutes, it helps you to check in with your thoughts, emotions, breath and body. It helps to transition from the act of “doing” to the act of “being”.

Words in images:

Close your eyes or soften your gaze while you take 3 minutes to notice the following.

o  Becoming aware of what is here – What am I experiencing right now? What are my thoughts about? What emotions am I experiencing?

o  Gathering and focusing your attention by bringing awareness to your breath – noticing the quality of the breath, observing the in breath and out breath.

o Expanding your attention outward – Observing a sense of the body as a whole; any tightness, sensations, holding etc.

 The image of a sand timer/hourglass can help you remember where to focus your attention:
o Awareness of your experience is wide and open.

o  Gathering and narrowing your attention.

o Widening your attention outward again and back to your experience.


o  If you feel uncomfortable narrowing your attention to your breath, narrow your attention elsewhere e.g. feet on the floor, hands on lap etc.

o  There are several free guided audios available online.

o You can vary (increase or decrease) the amount of minutes to suit you.

o This can be done anywhere in any moment without anyone noticing.

o This can be a useful meditation for those starting mindfulness meditations and if you want to build up to longer practices.

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