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Sometimes, we just need to be heard.

For many of us, Level 5 has created another curveball for us. Whether that be the closure of your workplace, gym, further limiting face to face interactions, your future plans/hopes/dreams postponed yet again. Even though Level 5 may now be certain, things might still feel uncertain.

It can be difficult to support ourselves and our loved ones during this time. When trying to support a loved one, we often immediately jump to giving advice (“Why don’t you just… ”) or try to be re-assuring by saying something like “You will be grand”, or “Sure you can still chat to your friends through Zoom”.

Our intentions here are meant well where we just want to take away someone else’s pain, hurt and help “fix” their situation.

However, sometimes, we do not immediately need logic or advice, we just need to be heard.

Listen, acknowledge, validate.

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